Can You Put Adobe Stock on Facebook Page? Exploring the Licensing Guidelines

Facebook has become an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience and promote their brand. With over 2.91 billion monthly active users, it offers a vast platform to share engaging content, including images, videos, and links.

When it comes to using Adobe Stock images on Facebook, it’s crucial to understand the licensing terms and guidelines to ensure compliance with copyright regulations.

Adobe Stock Licensing Terms for Social Media Use

Adobe Stock provides various licensing options, including specific provisions for social media usage. The most common license for social media is the Social Media Use License. This license allows you to use the licensed asset for social media posts, including images, videos, and GIFs.

Facebook’s Copyright Policy and Content Standards

Facebook has strict policies against copyright infringement, and it uses automated tools to scan uploaded content for copyrighted material. If a match is detected, Facebook may remove the content or restrict its visibility.

To use Adobe Stock images on your Facebook page without violating copyright laws, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Obtain the Appropriate License: Ensure you have the correct Adobe Stock license for social media usage, such as the Social Media Use License.
  2. Attribution: Properly attribute Adobe Stock and the original creator of the image or video in your Facebook post. This can be done through text overlays, watermarks, or end-screen credits.
  3. Content Quality: Use high-quality, relevant Adobe Stock images that align with your brand and the overall message of your Facebook post.
  4. Copyright Ownership: Remember that you do not acquire ownership of the Adobe Stock assets. You only have the right to use them within the scope of the applicable license.

Addressing Content ID Claims

Facebook’s Content ID system may occasionally detect Adobe Stock images and notify you of potential copyright infringement. If this happens, you can dispute the claim by providing documentation of your Adobe Stock license and proper attribution.


Using Adobe Stock images on Facebook can enhance your social media presence and engage your audience. By understanding the licensing terms, adhering to Facebook’s guidelines, and maintaining proper attribution, you can seamlessly integrate Adobe Stock assets into your Facebook posts without compromising copyright laws. Embrace the power of stock imagery to create visually appealing and informative content that resonates with your Facebook followers.