Can I Share My Adobe Stock Library? Understanding Sharing Options

Adobe Stock, a treasure trove of high-quality stock images, vectors, videos, and audio files, empowers creative professionals and individuals alike to enhance their projects. While you can access and utilize these assets individually, you might have the need to share your library with others for collaborative purposes.

Sharing Options for Adobe Stock Libraries

Adobe Stock offers versatile sharing options to cater to different collaboration scenarios:

1. Public Libraries: Create a public library and share its link with anyone, enabling them to access and use the assets without requiring an Adobe Stock subscription. This is ideal for sharing specific collections with clients, colleagues, or the general public.

2. Collab Libraries: Invite collaborators to join a private library, granting them varying levels of access. You can control who can view, edit, or download assets, ensuring that your library remains secure and organized. This is suitable for team projects or collaborations with external partners.

3. Creative Cloud Libraries: Integrate your Adobe Stock library with Creative Cloud Libraries, enabling seamless access and sharing within your Creative Cloud workspace. This streamlines the process of using and managing assets across various Adobe applications.

Sharing Considerations and Restrictions

When sharing your Adobe Stock library, it’s essential to consider the following aspects:

1. Licensing Restrictions: Ensure that your collaborators comply with the licensing terms associated with the shared assets. This includes the intended use, region, and any usage limitations.

2. Copyright Ownership: Remind collaborators that they do not acquire ownership of the shared assets. They can only use them within the scope of the shared library and must abide by Adobe Stock’s copyright policies.

3. Attribution and Credits: Encourage collaborators to properly attribute the source of the shared assets, including crediting Adobe Stock and the original creators. This upholds the principles of ethical and responsible creative practices.


Sharing your Adobe Stock library can significantly enhance collaboration and streamline workflow. By understanding the sharing options, considering licensing restrictions, and promoting ethical practices, you can effectively share your assets while respecting intellectual property rights. Embrace the power of sharing to foster creativity and collaborative success.