Can I edit Adobe Stock Images

Adobe Stock, a renowned digital asset marketplace, provides a vast collection of high-quality stock images, videos, graphics, and templates for various creative projects. While the specific guidelines for editing Adobe Stock images may vary depending on the license type you’ve purchased, there are some general principles to keep in mind.

What You Can Edit

In general, you can make minor edits to Adobe Stock images, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also crop, rotate, and resize images to fit your needs. Additionally, you can use Adobe Stock images in various creative projects, including print and digital publications, websites, social media posts, and presentations.

What You Cannot Edit

However, there are certain limitations to editing Adobe Stock images. You cannot remove or add elements to the image that significantly alter the original composition. For instance, you cannot add or remove people from a photo or replace the background entirely. Additionally, you cannot use Adobe Stock images for commercial purposes without purchasing the appropriate license.

License Types and Editing Restrictions

The specific editing restrictions may vary depending on the license type you have purchased. The Standard License allows for minor edits, while the Extended License provides greater flexibility for editing. The Perpetual License offers the most freedom for editing, but it also requires a higher purchase price.

Attribution and Copyright

Regardless of the editing you perform, you must always properly credit the original creator of the Adobe Stock image. This is crucial to acknowledge the work of the photographer or artist and comply with copyright laws.

Responsible Editing Practices

When editing Adobe Stock images, it’s important to exercise responsible practices:

  • Stick to Minor Edits: Make only minor adjustments that preserve the original intent of the image.
  • Maintain Image Integrity: Do not alter the image in a way that distorts or misrepresents the original content.
  • Comply with License Terms: Ensure your edits adhere to the restrictions of the license you have purchased.
  • Attribute the Original Creator: Properly credit the photographer or artist who created the image.