Can Collaborators Invite Others to Creative Cloud Libraries?

Creative Cloud Libraries streamline collaboration by offering a central repository for shared assets across various Adobe applications. But can collaborators take the initiative and invite others to join the party? Let's delve into the access control dynamics within these libraries.

The Invitation Authority:

Unfortunately, collaborators with "Can Edit" permissions cannot directly invite other users to join the library. This control remains solely with the library owner. This prevents unauthorized additions and maintains clear ownership and responsibility for the library content.

Collaboration Workflow:

If a collaborator requires additional team members to access the library, they need to communicate this need to the owner. The owner can then assess the situation, grant edit or view permissions to the new collaborators, and send them official invitations.

Alternative Solutions:

While collaborators cannot directly invite others, they have alternative options to facilitate broader access:

  • Suggesting collaborators: They can recommend potential collaborators to the owner, highlighting their contributions and reasons for needing access.
  • Sharing assets: If specific assets need to be shared with individuals outside the library, collaborators can utilize alternative methods like sending copies or creating public links (with appropriate restrictions).

Maintaining Control and Communication:

Limiting invitation rights to the owner ensures centralized control over access and maintains accountability for the library's content. This approach prevents potential disruptions or unauthorized modifications by individuals not vetted by the owner.


While collaborators cannot directly invite others to Creative Cloud Libraries, effective communication and alternative solutions can still facilitate broader access when needed. By understanding these limitations and utilizing available options, collaborators can contribute to a productive and well-managed creative workflow.

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