Adobe Fresco: A Digital Painting and Drawing App for Artists of All Levels

Adobe Fresco is a powerful digital painting and drawing app that has quickly gained popularity among artists of all levels. Its intuitive interface, realistic brushstrokes, and compatibility with Apple Pencil make it an excellent choice for creating both traditional and digital art.

Key Features of Adobe Fresco

  • Live brushes: Fresco’s innovative live brushes simulate the behavior of real-world mediums like watercolor, acrylic, and oils, allowing artists to create natural, expressive strokes.
  • Vector brushes: Fresco also includes a comprehensive collection of vector brushes, which provide precision and flexibility for creating illustrations, line art, and graphic design elements.
  • Pixel brushes: For creating pixel art, Fresco offers a vast library of pixel brushes that replicate the look and feel of classic 8-bit and 16-bit video games.
  • Smudge tools: Fresco’s smudge tools make it easy to blend colors and create smooth transitions, adding depth and dimension to artwork.
  • Layers and blending modes: For advanced compositing and editing, Fresco supports layers and blending modes, allowing artists to control opacity, transparency, and mixing effects.
  • Cloud storage and collaboration: Fresco seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, providing cloud storage for your projects and enabling collaboration with other artists.

Who Should Use Adobe Fresco?

Adobe Fresco is a versatile tool suitable for artists of all skill levels, from beginners experimenting with digital art to experienced professionals creating high-quality illustrations and paintings.

Benefits of Using Adobe Fresco

  • Natural brushstrokes: Fresco’s live brushes provide an authentic painting experience, replicating the behavior of real-world mediums.
  • Intuitive interface: Fresco’s simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and navigate, even for new digital artists.
  • Wide range of brushes: Fresco offers a vast collection of brushes, including live, vector, pixel, and smudge tools, catering to various artistic styles and techniques.
  • Cloud integration: Fresco seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing artists to access their projects from anywhere and collaborate with others.

Overall, Adobe Fresco is an excellent digital painting and drawing app that offers a unique combination of natural brushstrokes, versatile brushes, and intuitive features. It’s a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced artists who want to unleash their creativity and create stunning digital artwork.


Adobe Fresco is a powerful and versatile digital painting and drawing app that has transformed the way artists create art on mobile devices. With its natural brushstrokes, wide range of brushes, and intuitive interface, Fresco is an excellent choice for artists of all levels. If you’re looking for an app that can help you bring your artistic vision to life, Adobe Fresco is a great option to consider.