Adding Overlays to Videos in Premiere Rush

Adding overlays to your videos can enhance their visual appeal and add an extra layer of creativity. Overlays can be used to provide additional information, such as timestamps, captions, or graphics, or to create unique visuals and transitions. Premiere Rush makes it easy to add and customize overlays to your videos, allowing you to create professional-looking productions without the need for advanced editing software.

Import Your Videos

To begin, start a new project in Premiere Rush and import the videos you want to overlay. You can import videos from your computer, cloud storage, or social media accounts.

Drag and Drop Overlays

Once your videos are imported, you can drag and drop overlays directly onto the timeline. Premiere Rush provides a variety of pre-made overlays, including text, graphics, and animations. You can also create your own overlays using Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps.

Positioning and Editing Overlays

You can position overlays on the timeline by dragging them to the desired location. To adjust the size and shape of an overlay, select it and use the handles in the Transform panel. You can also rotate, skew, and flip overlays using the same panel.

Customizing Overlays

Many overlays can be customized to match your specific needs and preferences. For example, you can change the font, color, and style of text overlays. You can also adjust the opacity and position of graphics and animations.

Applying Effects to Overlays

Premiere Rush also allows you to apply effects to overlays to enhance their appearance. For example, you can apply blur effects to create a subtle background overlay or add color correction effects to match the overall style of your video.

Adding Transitions

To transition between videos and overlays, you can use Premiere Rush’s built-in transitions. Transitions can add style and professionalism to your videos, making them more visually engaging.

Exporting Your Videos

Once your video is complete, you can export it to your desired format and resolution. Premiere Rush provides export settings optimized for different social media platforms and devices.


Adding overlays to your videos in Premiere Rush is a simple and effective way to enhance their visual appeal and add an extra layer of creativity. With the built-in features and templates, you can create professional-looking videos without the need for complex editing software.