Adding Images to Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries offer a convenient way to manage and access your design assets, including Adobe Stock images. This article explores various methods for incorporating these valuable visual resources into your libraries, streamlining your workflow and enriching your creative projects.

Methods for Adding Adobe Stock Images to Libraries

1. Directly from the Libraries Panel

  1. Open any Creative Cloud application and navigate to the Libraries panel.
  2. Click the "Search Adobe Stock" bar at the top of the panel.
  3. Enter your desired search keywords and use filters to refine your search.
  4. Locate the image you want to add and hover over it.
  5. Click the "Save to Library" icon (plus sign) next to the image.
  6. Choose the library you want to save the image to and click "Save."

2. Using the Adobe Stock Website

  1. Visit the Adobe Stock website (
  2. Search for the desired image and preview it.
  3. Click the "Save to Library" button next to the image.
  4. Choose the library you want to save the image to and click "Save."

3. Within a Creative Cloud Project:

  1. Open your project in a Creative Cloud application.
  2. Locate the Adobe Stock image you want to use within the project.
  3. Right-click on the image and select "Save to Library."
  4. Choose the library you want to save the image to and click "Save."

Important Considerations

  • Licensing is crucial: Remember that adding an Adobe Stock image to your library only saves a watermarked version for preview purposes. To use the image without the watermark, you need to license it through Adobe Stock. You can do this directly from the Libraries panel by clicking the shopping cart icon next to the image and following the purchase prompts.
  • Subscription plans: The availability of adding and licensing Adobe Stock images depends on your specific Creative Cloud subscription plan. Ensure your plan includes Adobe Stock access or individual image purchases if needed.

Benefits of Adding Adobe Stock Images to Libraries

  • Streamlined workflow: Easily access and utilize licensed Adobe Stock images directly from your libraries, eliminating the need to search for them again.
  • Consistency and organization: Maintain a centralized hub for all your design assets, including both personal and licensed images, fostering consistency and efficient project management.
  • Enhanced creativity: Explore a vast library of high-quality images to complement your projects and elevate their visual impact.


By mastering the techniques for adding Adobe Stock images to your Creative Cloud Libraries, you unlock a valuable resource for enriching your design projects. Remember to license the images appropriately and leverage the convenience and organization benefits libraries offer. With this powerful combination, you can streamline your workflow, unleash your creativity, and bring your design vision to life with stunning visuals.