A Match Made in Typographic Heaven: Pairing Century Gothic and PT Serif

The world of fonts can feel overwhelming, with endless options vying for your attention. But fear not, design enthusiasts! For those seeking a harmonious and versatile pairing, the combination of Century Gothic and PT Serif stands as a shining example of typographic synergy.

The Power of Contrast

Century Gothic, a geometric sans-serif with clean lines and a modern edge, brings a touch of contemporary coolness to the table. PT Serif, a transitional typeface with humanist influences, offers a touch of warmth and elegance with its delicate serifs and graceful curves. This contrast in styles creates a visually interesting dynamic, where each font complements and elevates the other.

Versatility in Action

The beauty of this pairing lies in its adaptability. Use Century Gothic for headlines, logos, and key information, where its clarity and boldness demand attention. For body text and supporting information, PT Serif's readability and inviting nature shine. This combination is equally at home in clean and minimal designs or those with a touch of sophistication.

Finding the Perfect Balance

While the contrast works wonders, maintaining balance is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Weight Matters: Pair bolder Century Gothic weights with lighter PT Serif weights for a balanced hierarchy.
  • Size Matters: Use slightly larger Century Gothic for headlines to ensure it dominates visually.
  • Embrace Color: Experiment with contrasting colors for each font to further enhance their individuality.
  • Keep it Simple: Avoid using too many additional fonts, as this can disrupt the harmony.

Inspiration from the Masters

Numerous brands and design projects leverage this powerful pairing. Look to companies like Spotify, Airbnb, and The New York Times for diverse examples of how Century Gothic and PT Serif can be used effectively.

Beyond the Basics

While the classic pairing is always a winner, explore alternative approaches:

  • Mix weights and styles: Use bold PT Serif for emphasis alongside lighter Century Gothic weights.
  • Incorporate color variations: Employ subtle color differences between the fonts for added depth.
  • Consider alternative pairings: For a similar feel, explore Proxima Nova and Source Serif.


The pairing of Century Gothic and PT Serif is a testament to the power of well-chosen fonts. Their contrasting styles create visual interest, while their shared qualities ensure harmony. With its versatility and timeless appeal, this combination is sure to elevate your design projects to new heights. So, go forth, experiment, and discover the magic that unfolds when these two typographic stars align!

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